Story Creation


Introduction to Storytelling, Storytelling and the protagonist, Bricks of story, Creating a story in 20 minutes, Designing media with impact.


Story Board, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Visual Studio Code


Visualized media (video) and documentation (this page)

After following this course the student can:

• Understand the role of emotion in storytelling

• Understand and apply the essentials of transmedial storytelling

• Create a protagonist with clear internal and external goal.

• Unroll a transmedial story into different media with a clear goal

The quality of the work is sufficient when the student can:

• Create a lively protagonist with clear external and internal goals

• Create a story based on the key elements

• Trigger a predetermined emotion with the different parts / media

• Unroll the transmedial story into different media with a clear goal and explain


The goal is to create a transmedial story as an extension on a part of the design challenge and based on the different aspects mentioned in the workshops.


1. Create a lively protagonist with clear external and internal goals.

2. Trigger a predetermined emotion with the different parts / media of the transmedial story.


In this course I work with Rosa. We decided to try and do an abstract visualization of emotions through code. On this page you will find the different steps we went through to create both the protagonist and the story itself.

The end product will be a short movie, but since non of us has experience with creating movies, dont expect a high production film.

First idea

The original idea was to let the protagonist be a student like us, trying to create a chatbot that will help cancer patients. The protagonist's emotions would come clear through coding, since the video would only be off the screen, not showing any people/actors. Other caracters in the story would be shown, by screen notifications from multiple medias like Facebook, Slack, Mail ect.

We wanted to work with the six primary emotions: anger would be shown as the protagonist would slam the keyboard and random letter would be shown in the code. The conflict arise when he gets a virus or is getting hacked, e.g someone steels his code. Because of this he cannot work for hours so he Googles how to garden / cook or something more relaxing. Finally finding something else in life.


This first idea was submitted on Canvas and Judit provided us with some feedback to consider:

Can you explain a bit more about the feelings and emotions (so make the theme a bit more specific, what is the sociological theme beneath: is it a fight between men vs machine or with himself, is it about the desire for approval and ding something great etc etc). Now you described what'll happen, but not what is lying underneath the things that happen.

Response: It’s about understanding that the bubble you are in isn’t everything, and accidents can be the eye opener you really need. Technology is good, but it can distance us from the world, and the things that make you happy.

The protagonist and preferred (media)technique

Characteristics & Social values

• Male, 30-years-old

• Independent, Hardworking, Comitted

• Caring, Hero, Honest, Introvert

• Pessimist / Negative, Arrogant, Lonely

Internal Issues

• Mom has cancer, has no one to talk to about it with

• Feels helpless when trying to help his mom

• Wants a better life for cancer patients (by developing a bot)

• Time is running out. Time is the antagonist

External goals

• The mom dies in an accident, not from cancer

• All his work and isolation is now for nothing


• Understanding that the bubble you are in isn’t everything

• Accidents can be the eye opener you really need

• Technology is good, but it can distance us from the world

• The importance of stimulating what makes you happy


• We chose the media form of code incorporated in video.

• We want to show the importance of being true to yourself

• Code is assumed to be emotionless

• Therefore emotion and feelings is shown through code

Contradiction in this caracter

He grew up as a Jehovah's witness with his religious family. Through his childhood he started having interests in computers and programming. He knew that he could never make a living from this, because of his religion. He started programming in secret. His first job was as a window cleaner and through his twenties he continues to do simple jobs. In his late twenties he has become this unsatisfied, think-everything-is-unfair, mad-at-the-world pessimist. He longs to do better, to feel independent, or like a hero. But he cannot break free. That would be to hard on his mom. His mom who he loves and cares for the most in the world. The love he feels for his mom, he is ready to share with others. If he could break free.

Bricks of Story

Bricks of Story

How to show emotions trough code

Anger/frustration: smashing on keyboard.;ojgwgf

Happy: Classes and ID's gets positive names and the comments get's happier

Doubt: writing something then deleting it.

Tired: shutting computer off

Sad/not concentrated: making a lot of mistakes

Annoyance: Write it literally.

• Thinking about someone(mom): Repeating her name

• Ending: Auto typing text


By this point we know how the main character should act in different situations, how we want to express different feelings, and the storyline. Before starting the actual "production" I made a storyboard. This is helpfull because..

To illusrate a new day, the start screen will be shown multiple times. The idea is to let the viewer understand what the protagonist is going through, only by showing different computer screens.

For the first prototype it is quite obvious, since the files are named by the emotion, but ideal for a next edit, it can be shown with less text and more color, music, typing and so on.

visualized media

Recording and editing when you don't have any experience with creating movies is a big challenge. Luckily the learning proces and understanding of how to do story telling has been the main focus, while the movie was a means to an end.

From this course I really realized how important it is to build a strong persona, with well thought characteristics, so his personality easily can shine through without words. It also makes the story better, since it's all build around him.